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Healthy Weight for Life

Maintain a Healthy Weight for Life Maintaining a healthy weight for life is a great goal to set. Keep these simple tips in mind to […]

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Help your family start to eat better, move more, and reduce screen time

Get Your Family Started Here are some tips to help your family start to eat better, move more, and reduce screen time: Be a good […]

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Calculate Body Mass Index

Calculate Body Mass Index For adults, a healthy weight is defined as the appropriate body weight in relation to height. Body Mass Index (BMI) is calculated […]

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What is Energy Balance?

Balance Food and Activity What is Energy Balance? Energy is another word for “calories.” Your energy balance is the balance of calories consumed through eating […]

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What Is a Healthy Weight?

What Is a Healthy Weight? Maintaining a healthy body weight is important to staying healthy. As people gain weight, their risks for high blood pressure, […]

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Healthy Weight Basics

Healthy Weight Basics As parents and caregivers, you make a big difference in what your children—and the children you care for—think and do. You are role models […]

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