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Listings for Symptoms and Diagnosis for Diabetes (12)



Symptoms If you have any of the following diabetes symptoms, see your doctor about getting your blood sugar tested: Urinate (pee) a lot, often at […]

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Diabetes Tests & Diagnosis

Diabetes Tests & Diagnosis Your health care professional can diagnose diabetes, prediabetes, and gestational diabetesthrough blood tests. The blood tests show if your blood glucose, also called blood […]

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Blood sugar test

A blood glucose test measures the amount of a sugar called glucose in a sample of your blood. Glucose is a major source of energy […]

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Anti-insulin antibody test – Test for Type 1 Diabetes

Anti-insulin antibody test The anti-insulin antibody test checks to see if your body has produced antibodies against insulin. Antibodies are proteins the body produces to protect itself […]

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Symptoms & Causes of Diabetes

What are the symptoms of diabetes? Symptoms of diabetes include increased thirst and urination increased hunger fatigue blurred vision numbness or tingling in the feet or hands […]

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Tests & Diagnosis for Gestational Diabetes

When will I be tested for gestational diabetes? Testing for gestational diabetes usually occurs between 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy. If you have an […]

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Prediabetes & Insulin Resistance

What is insulin? Insulin is a hormone made in the pancreas, an organ located behind the stomach. The pancreas contains clusters of cells called islets. […]

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Know Your Blood Sugar Numbers: Use Them to Manage Your Diabetes

Checking your blood sugar, also called blood glucose, is an important part of diabetes care. This tip sheet tells you: why it helps you to […]

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Diabetes & Prediabetes Tests

This fact sheet compares the following tests: A1C test fasting plasma glucose (FPG) test oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) random plasma glucose (RPG) test Confirming […]

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Diabetes Blood Tests for People of African, Mediterranean, or Southeast Asi...

Introduction If you are of African, Mediterranean, or Southeast Asian heritage, you could have a form of hemoglobin in your red blood cells that affects […]

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