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Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

Perhaps you have learned that you have a high chance of developing type 2 diabetes, the most common type of diabetes. You might be overweight or have a […]

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Blood sugar test

A blood glucose test measures the amount of a sugar called glucose in a sample of your blood. Glucose is a major source of energy […]

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Family Health History Quiz

Family health history is an important risk factor for developing a number of serious diseases, including type 2 diabetes. In fact, most people with type […]

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Anti-insulin antibody test – Test for Type 1 Diabetes

Anti-insulin antibody test The anti-insulin antibody test checks to see if your body has produced antibodies against insulin. Antibodies are proteins the body produces to protect itself […]

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Diabetes Risk Test

Diabetes Risk Test Could you have diabetes and not know it? One in four Americans with diabetes has it and doesn’t know it. Take the […]

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Symptoms & Causes of Diabetes

What are the symptoms of diabetes? Symptoms of diabetes include increased thirst and urination increased hunger fatigue blurred vision numbness or tingling in the feet or hands […]

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Monogenic Diabetes (Neonatal Diabetes Mellitus & MODY)

Monogenic Diabetes (Neonatal Diabetes Mellitus & MODY) The most common forms of diabetes, type 1 and type 2, are polygenic, meaning they are related to a change, or […]

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Gestational Diabetes -After Your Baby is Born

After I have my baby, how can I find out whether I have diabetes? You should get tested for diabetes no later than 12 weeks […]

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Preventing Gestational Diabetes

What increases my chance of developing gestational diabetes? Your chance of developing gestational diabetes are higher if you are overweight had gestational diabetes before have a […]

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Managing & Treating Gestational Diabetes

How can I manage my gestational diabetes? Many women with gestational diabetes can manage their blood glucose levels by following a healthy eating plan and being physically […]

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